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This is not a digital game. The downloadable files are Reference PDF and JPEG files. This is a board game that you can recreate on your own if you have the right items.


Throne of Kameroth, a battle for the Kingdom of Kameroth. When King Dublaff dies and appoints his third son, Prince Pardath, King of Kameroth, Pardath's brothers disapprove of the decision and wish to take the kingdom for themselves. Pardath, along with his Loyalist Faction will protect Kameroth at all costs.

The first-born son, Athog, outraged by his father's decision leads an insurgency against his brother and leads the Rebel Faction in an attempt to claim Kameroth for himself.

The wealthy families of the kingdom cannot have a change in the leadership so they decide to fund Prince Binville's army who is the Mercenary Faction.

As the Civil War in Kameroth wages on, the powerful Balundian Empire also wishes to claim Kameroth for their own. They lead the Ant Empire Faction. 

Aside from all these different Factions fighting, the fumble King Xablog invades the kingdom in an attempt to claim its resources. He leads the Mushroom Faction against the Kingdom of Kameroth. 

The whole kingdom is in outrage and every Faction won't stop until they have the Throne of Kameroth.

In Game Items

  • Troops
    • The Stars with writing, 
      • This can be anything you have to represent different types of troops
    • Place either a Red or Blue glass stone on top of Stars depending on Player number
      • This isn't necessary if you can differentiate between players' troops
  • Dice
    • Round dice
      • Dice used to count the rounds
        • You don't need this dice, as long as you have a way to keep track of the number of rounds
    • 4 dice per person
      • Used for movement and combat
        • The same effect can be done with 1 dice per person
    • Score Dice
      • Used to know the Victory Points of a Player
        • This isn't needed, as long as you know how many Victory Points you have
  • Resources
    • Money Counters
      • White gem
    • Card Counters
      • Red gem
  • Money
    • Poker chips
  • Cards
    • Main deck which is shared
    • Main discard pile
    • Player Faction discard pile
  • Board
    • 15x10
      • Settlements and Castle is on the board


  • Players 1-4
  • Troop Combat
    • The player with the highest roll wins the battle
      • Ex: If Player 1 rolls a 3 and Player 2 rolls a 4, Player 2 would win the battle and destroy the other troop
    • If a troop or card allows for more than one roll, the player who that card or troop belongs to chooses the highest number
    • If tied, roll again
      • If the Troop allows for more than one roll, this still applies
    • An individual Troop can initiate Combat only once per turn
  • Troop Movement
    • Each troop has its own set of movement patterns
      • Ex: The Footman can move in any direction, while the Brute can only move diagonally
    • Movement is based on the number of the rolled dice
      • Some troops such as the Knight can roll more than one dice, for these troops, add their combined numbers
    • You don’t have to roll for every unit
    • Whatever you roll, you have to move that Troop that many times
      • Ex: you roll a 6, move that Troop six times
    • You can move over your own units to continue movement
  • Settlements
    • Settlements behave as resource collectors
    • To determine what resources the Settlements have, dice must be rolled for each Settlement
      • A roll between 1-4 means that Settlement will have a Money Resource
      • A roll 5-6 means that Settlement will have a Card Resource
    • Diamond Settlements
      • These will regain resources after Player 1’s turn
      • These will regain resources after Player 3’s turn
    • Circular Settlements
      • These will regain resources after Player 2’s turn
      • These will regain resources after Player 4’s turn
    • If a troop is on a Settlement, that Settlement does not regain resources
    • To collect a resource, troops must pass through the Settlement or land on a Settlement
  •  Money
    • Currency in this game is called money
    • Money may come from Settlements or from spell cards
      • Settlements will grant the player 1 Money
    • Money can be used to buy cards in your hand into play
      • The “Knight” card costs 2 Money
        • You would pay 2 Money to play that card
  • How to Summon Troops
    • You must have Troop cards in your hand in order to summon them on the board
      • You cannot buy troops directly; you must have a Troop card in your hand
    • Troops can be spawned though spell cards if they allow it
    • When troops are first summoned, they cannot move or attack
    • If a Troop is summoned and there is an enemy Troop on the spawn point, combat is initiated
    • You cannot place your own troops in the same wilderness spot
  • The Castle
    • The Castle is in the middle of the board
    • The Castle cannot be entered until Round 5 of Player 2’s turn
      • Player 1 can enter at the start of Round 6
    • There can only be 6 Troops in the Castle
    • Players must control the Castle for 5 turns in order to win
      • Players must hold the majority of troops in the Castle
        • Ex: If Player 1 has 4 troops and Player 2 has 2 troops for 5 turns, Player 1 will win
      • If there is an equal number of opposing troops, the player who was there first, doesn’t lose any Victory Points
  • How to Win
    • Winning consists of having the greatest number of troops in the Castle for 5 turns consecutively
      • If a player challenges the other player in the Castle and happens to gain the majority of troops, the player who was holding the Castle will not lose points
  • Victory Points
    • Victory points are the number of rounds that you can hold the Castle
    • Reach 5 Victory Points to Win
    • Victory Points are not reduced if a player loses control of the Castle
  • Troop Types
    • Different Troops have different Troop Combat rules and Troop Movement rules
    • This is explained in detail on the Troop Refence Sheet
  • Factions
    • There are 4 different factions with unique start setups
    • Setup is explained in detail on the Faction Reference Sheet
  • No Available Plays
    • If a player doesn’t have any legal plays, they must reveal their hand and they receive the default Faction starting cards and you get 3 Money
  • Rounds
    • 1 round is after both Player 1 & Player 2 end their turns
    • A new round begins when Player 1 starts their turn
  • Starting Positions
    • Player 1 starts on North side
    • Player 2 starts on South side
    • Player 3 starts on West side
      • Player 3 will receive an extra Money and an extra drawn card
    • Player 4 starts on East side
      • Player 4 will receive an extra Money and an extra drawn card


  • Each Faction has its own set of default starting cards
  • Mushroom
    • 2 Footmen & 2 Brutes
  • Ant
    • 6 Footmen
  • Mercenary
    • 4 Footmen & Warbeast
  • Loyalists
    • 4 Footmen & 1 Knight
  • Rebel
    • 2 Footmen & 2 Knights


This game has a lot of random elements to it in terms of movement and especially combat, you may rage at some points, we advise that you don't. You may experience sudden bursts of anger if your opponent rolls something higher than you when you clearly have the advantage, Be sure to have fun. 


Co-Game Designer - Artist- Kint Mee

Co-Game Designer, Digital Asset Creator- Alejandro Zamora


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